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“Childhood Revisited”

Reviewed October 2, 2014
“When I was in elementary school growing up in neighboring Mattapoisett, MA, my class visited the whaling museum. I was amazed but could not appreciate what I saw. My wife and I revisited today and left in AWE! We immediately made plans to join as supporters and return. Room after room with models, paintings, artifacts, video and audio presentations drew me into the history of the whaling industry, New Bedford, and global exploration and hunts visiting new cultures and peoples. I HIGHLY recommend visiting New Bedford if only to partake in this presentation that we should all remember a part of America's early growth. This museum is in the historic section. We enjoyed it as much as Plymouth's Mayflower and Plantation, Old Sturbridge Village, and historic Newport, RI.”


”The best nautical museum we have seen!”

Reviewed September 24, 2014
“Much larger than it appears. Has scrimshaw, whaling implements, figureheads, tail boards, and the world's largest ship model: a 1/2 size whaler. This alone is worth the price of admission (which is good for two consecutive days). Art works blend with artifacts in abundance. A terrific staff adds to one's enjoyment. This is a must see, Five stars are not enough!”


"One of the best museums of any kind we ever attended.”

Reviewed September 18, 2014
“We have been to many museums both in the USA and internationally. While on a boat trip to New Bedford, we visited this museum and found it to be wonderful for students of whaling history, as well as those interested in marine history, antiques, the environment, the industrial movement, etc. You could easily spend a whole day here, and not see everything. It is appropriate for people of all ages, including children. We were so impressed with our visit that we joined the museum that very day, and plan to support it. The building is lovely, the exhibits beautifully and thoughtfully designed, and you can proceed through at your own pace and in your own time. We are already looking forward to going back!”


”We’ll be back”

Reviewed September 16, 2014
"If you've ever been whale watching and marveled at the size and grandeur of these creatures, the New Bedford Whaling Museum will give you the chills. Suspended from the ceiling in the entry gallery are the skeletons of four whales -- a right whale and her infant, a sperm whale and a humpback whale. (None were hunted for this display, all were accidental or undetermined deaths.) Exhibits throughout the museum bring to life the years of whaling that centered in New Bedford, and also the lives of the ships and seamen involved in whaling, whales and whaling today, efforts to conserve and protect these magnificent animals, and wonderful galleries of sea art, scrimshaw, and a half-scale whaling boat. We stopped over in New Bedford on the way to Cape Cod -- we'll visit again on our next trip to the Cape."


“Fantastic Museum of Whaling History”

Reviewed August 21, 2014
“I have been to another whaling museum, but this is the most complete collection that I could ever imagine. So many photos, films, paintings, & scrimshaw to see that I wish we could have spent another two hours here to see it all. My son and I really enjoyed reading the descriptions and duties of the whaling guys on the ships who often signed on for years at sea. The exhibits make you feel like you are on a ship and everything is genuine. Do not miss this museum if you are anywhere nearby.”

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